The BALBAR Protective Barrier

is a unique highly mobile solution that guarantees multi-level effective protection against a variety of risk scenarios. It will stop projectiles from short and long-range firearms and, in the event of an explosion, protects personnel against the effects of pressure and shock wave associated with exploding ammunition, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and unstable pressurized gas cylinders.

The BALBAR Protective Barrier is supplied in two different sizes (ML-07, ML-08). The main structure is formed by a pneumatic support frame and this is shielded by protective plates made of GFRP composite material. There are three optional thickness protective plates (11, 13, and 15 mm). These are resistant to munitions fired from small arms, shrapnel grenades, and smaller calibre explosives. The whole structure is further protected against explosions and shock wave by the use of a fully loaded water bag that provides both stability to the structure and secondary  protection.



  • Simple to transport
  • Compact dimensions - easy to handle
  • Quick activation system – complete barrier ready in less than 4 minutes
  • Deployable in enclosed spaces and high-rise buildings
  • Join multiple modules together to create a continuous barrier whilst still maintaining protection
  • Compatibility with emergency services (tanks, hoses, air cylinders)
  • Unique and simple construction for ballistic protection
  • Two different sizes depending on the protection scenario.
  • The barrier creates shielding for a safe working area in a danger zone.
  • Enhanced structural stability and protection through the use of a water load.
  1. Inflatable supporting structure

  2. Bag filled with water

  3. Inflatable / drain valve

  4. A strip of material protecting the structure

  5. Flange with ball valve and half coupling D25

  6. Drain valve with lid

  7. Pressure relief valve

  8. Bleed and check valve

  9. Handle on the structure and the bag tied together with a cord

  10. Velcro for connecting protective barriers

  11. Bleed valve with lid

  12. Velcro for attaching protective composite boards

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